Please pick up your entry after the end of the contest, no later than 5pm.

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Entries can by brought to the show office and our staff will direct you where to take your entries.

Judging will be completed by 3pm, and winners announced and awarded soon after.

Each can highlight different aspects of a coffee and its roast, and it truly becomes a matter of individual taste.

Whatever method you settle upon, several things remain constant: - use clean equipment - use freshly roasted coffee (wink wink) - use the right grind - we recommend 2 tbsp of grounds per 6 oz.

This is a simple contest with a pool of judges chosen at the show.

Heres a list of our regular categories: Engine Non-steam: This category includes all electrics, diesels, hybrids, etc.

Stratton Assistant Armorer – Joe O’Brien Camera Crane Operator – Patrick Smith Visual Effecs by Anthony Ricciardi Color Correction Post Services provided by Company 3 Chicago Colorist – Tyler Roth Assistant Colorist – Paul Galati Assistant Colorist – Parker Jarvie Company 3 Producer – Tara Reeves Vietnam Veterans – Staff Sergeant Nick Consiglio, Staff Sergeant Robert E. Provost Lead Vietnam Soldier – David Pesce Machine Gun Vietnam Soldier – Andrae Todd James Bicy Wounded Vietnam Soldier – Nathan Mooney Lead Gulf War Soldier – Tyler Rich Wounded Gulf War Soldier – Scott Schultz Scared Gulf War Soldier – Brandon Franklin Ottenbacher Lead Present Day Soldier – Kara Joy Reed – Bookings: (313) 728-6457 [email protected] Scared Present Day Soldier – Drew Parks Sniper Present Day Soldier – Nathan Mooney 1st Assistant Camera – Joseph Skipinski Gaffer – Andrew Phillips Production Assistant – Elliot Van Orman Production Assistant – Kyleen Andrews Helicopter Pilot – David James FOR YANKEE AIR MUSEUM Executive Director – Kevin Walsh Curator – Julie Osborne B-52 Project Manager / Special Projects – Bob Catalano Special Projects Assistant – Dave Barnhart Special Projects Assistant – John Yates Artifacts / Textiles – Merv Wygant Crew Chief – Staff Sergeant Nick Consiglio Crew Chief – Staff Sergeant Robert E. Provost Voice-Over Recording provided by Formosa Interactive Voice-Over Co-Producer – Vince Chavez Camera Crane provided by Cinemotion, Inc.

RED Epic Dragon Camera Package provided by Stratton Camera Inc.

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