Once Windows has restarted, return to the extracted folder, right-click the Installer file and select Run as Administrator.

updating windows media center 2016-87

Excited as I am about Windows 10 in general, I’ve been torn about whether to upgrade my own desktop PC, as I like the ability to record shows from free over-the-air channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC.

So before upgrading, I searched for a Windows Media Center alternative that was easy to set up and use.

My main usage for TV recordings is to stream them on other devices using Plex.

For that, the basic Next PVR setup is enough to upgrade my desktop to Windows 10 with confidence.

You’ll need this program to retrieve TV guide data. In File Explorer, create a new folder at “C:\EPG” and place mc2inside.

You can choose a different folder, but will need to modify step 7 below. Run mc2xml.exe, and a screen will appear where you can enter a zip code to get local channel listings. (More discussion on this at the bottom of the guide.) 5. Before launching Next PVR, navigate to “C:\Users\Public\NPVR\Scripts” in File Explorer.So far, I haven’t found anything as simple as Windows Media Center, especially when it comes to setting up TV guide data.Still, broadcast DVR is doable in Windows 10, so if you’re itching to upgrade, here’s how to setup the best Windows Media Center alternative I’ve found: After examining a bunch of options, I settled on Next PVR as a replacement for Windows Media Center’s DVR features.Download and install the latest version of Next PVR. Create a new text file, and rename it to “Update ”(Make sure you can see the full file name extension, and that there’s no “.txt” on the end of it.) 7.Open Update with Note Pad or another text editor, and type the following (changing the second line if you used a different folder in step 2): 8. It should run Settings on first launch, but you can always get to Settings by right-clicking anywhere on the screen. Head to the “Devices” section, select your TV tuner, click Device Setup, then click Scan. Go to the Recording folder, and choose where you want DVR shows to be stored. You may need to experiment with the Decoders menu if you’re not getting any audio or video playback.The feature's removal came to light when users installed KB4046355 on devices running Windows 10 version 1709 -- the Fall Creators Update.