5 In 1991, Walker made his feature debut in "Young Soul Rebels", a period piece about London's latter-day soul movement.

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Here he impressed with a pivotal role as a news cameraman who has lost a son to drug abuse and is driven over the edge, shooting a mayoral candidate pushing for drug legalization.

Later that year, he was featured in "Once in the Life", a drug-themed drama about two ne'er-do-well brothers, written, produced and directed by as well as starring Laurence Fishburne.

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards and the band Rush will appear on an episode of "Chicago Fire" next week."It's really funny. Stars, they're just like us and have their must-see TV shows, too.

They're very funny," executive producer Derek Haas said of Rush, who finished their anniversary tour in August. On their list: "Fargo," "The Walking Dead," "You're the Worst," "Patriot," "American Horror Story," "Game of Thrones," "2 Broke Girls," "Homeland," "Mr. The Zumba episode on "Chicago Fire" was the most fun Joe Minoso had on the show so far."It was more fun watching everyone try to follow me. My family has been in the industry, so I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of people I’ve admired. ‘Get off my plane’ from 'Air Force One.' And then I met Gary Oldman, who worked on a documentary about my grandfather [Steve Mc Queen], and that was a great honor to meet him,” he said. "Chicago Fire" star Joe Minoso is a fan of Red Eye.

English actor known for his roles on the series Oz, Chicago Fire, and In Sickness and in Health.

He also plays the title character in the 2001 ITV1 adaptation of Othello. He and Bruce Willis acted together in Tears of the Sun in 2003.

It was quite possibily the funniest thing I've ever seen," he said. But there's two moments that really stand out: when I met Harrison Ford, I was awestricken. "I can't tell you—I've lived here since 2004—and the Red Eye was a great friend to me on the train every day for three years.

He pitched the idea of working as a Zumba instructor as a side job on the show because in reality he was a Zumba teacher before he got the "Chicago Fire" job.10.

Five days after the poignant 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, her son, Prince William, and the daughter-in-law she never met announced Diana would be a grandmother a third time, probably sometime in the spring after Kate turns 36 in January.

Here are some of the reasons why this matters: The succession: The new baby, boy or girl, will alter the line to the throne.

Walker returned to series television the A stage-trained British actor who rose to prominence playing incarcerated American Muslim leader Kareem Said on the gritty HBO drama series "Oz" (1997-2003).