You might falsely assume that in the millions of websites available online, the likelihood of a hacker finding and targeting your site is extremely remote. These programs or scripts are typically run on cloud servers, where they can be setup and destroyed at will leaving little to no traces.

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Most of my sites had been compromised by the vulnerability. I had taken one inadvertent precaution, which saved my sites from being fully exploited – I had renamed my admin username – and despite the fact the vulnerability had been exploited on my site, the hackers could not log in.

I was using a complex administrator username rather than the default “admin” username the hackers were expecting. Word Press security is fundamental: Every Word Press website needs to be fully secured and hardened.

Vulnerabilities are continuously being discovered in Word Press and its plugins.

That’s why securing Word Press is critical to the health of your website.

Most times, the website owner is oblivious of all of this.

There are frameworks which are bought and sold in the online black market, making it dead-easy to distribute malware through hacked websites.

In essence, your website could become an involved party in criminal activity!

Besides that, there are other negative implications: Do you think your site is so small nobody will attack it? Using the following Word Press security checklist will go a long way towards making your Word Press site hacker-proof. Well, not really minions – they’re actually (ro)bots, or programs whose sole purpose is to seek out vulnerable websites.

With all of the above scary stuff in mind, I want to make sure that you’re armed with all the knowledge you can get to fully secure your Word Press website.

Here’s a checklist of ALL the things you should be doing to secure your Word Press sites.

But one day, securing my sites suddenly got very important, very quickly when my Facebook feed told me there was a critical vulnerability in Word Press, which was actively being exploited.