Soon enough, she makes another new friend, Ginny, a new girl to the school.They becomes friendly although Ginny talks very slowly and deliberately and treats her kind of “special” always referring to Cece as her “deaf friend.” Cece loves the friendship but hates the treatment and is afraid to ay anything.What I love about this show is that the Centennial Secondary School’s band plays along with them. because the School band had recorded a version of and the Rheos came to play with them.

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And imagine if you were in the school band and really liked the Rheostatics ahead of time, and here they are playing with you. [: March 11, 2015] El Deafo Sarah brought this home and then Clark read it and now I read it (Tabby, who is reading like a fiend will likely read it next year). It is the true(ish) story of Cece Bell who is El Deafo!

Okay, she is actually a woman who lost the majority of he hearing at age 4 (circa 1976) from spinal meningitis (which is really scary).

TV was very special to Cece even if she couldn’t always understand what was happening (especially with cartoons).

But it was while watching an afterschool special with her siblings that she heard someone refer to a deaf girl as El Deafo, and that is how she embraced the super hero name.

You must see their faces, although exaggerated lip moments are confusing. And then Cece and her family move to a new town–a small town where they don’t have a school for the deaf.

But when she starts school, the doctors give her the Phonic Ear. The teacher wears the microphone around her neck and then Cece can hear perfectly clearly.

She could hear sounds (if they were loud enough) but couldn’t really understand words.

The doctors outfitted her with a box with cords (that fit into her ears) and after adjusting the knobs, she is able to hear.

I assume that anyone wearing this strange contraption would feel awkward and ungainly (especially in the mid 1970s). That upcoming school year, Cece is sent to a school for the hearing impaired where she is with lots of other kids with the same difficulties.