If she arrived on a tourist visa for the same-sex photoshoot, she should not have worked. There have been previous presidential candidates with foreign-born wives - most recently John Kerry, whose wife was born in what was then the Portuguese colony of East Africa, now known as Mozambique. No, there are only questions over exactly how she came to the U.

Melania Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to push back at 'inaccurate reporting and misinformation' about her immigration status – which she has touted as part of the American Dream in interviews as well as her speech at the Republican Convention. She signed a contract with a model agency in Milan when she was 18, and modeled in Milan, Paris and elsewhere in Europe. It is also not clear on what visa she came to the U. The date of her arrival is also in question with fresh accounts surfacing that she started to relocate to New York in 1995. without applying to the local embassy for permission from certain countries, among them most members of the European Union.

She continued: 'Any allegation to the contrary is simply untrue. Over the past 20 years, I have been fortunate to live, work and raise a family in this great nation and I share my husband's love for our country.'She used similar language about required trips home in an interview with MSNBC, saying: 'I never thought to stay here without papers. I travel every few months back to the country to Slovenia to stamp the visa.'Donald Trump's wife became a United States citizen in 2006. The timescale means that she held a green card before their marriage. She has said that she relocated to New York in 1996 but it is unclear if she had traveled to the U. Among those making the claim are a former roommate and the authors of a biography in Slovenia. She is believed only to have been a Slovenian citizen, so she would have needed a visa as at the time it was not a country in the 'visa waiver' program. Although she lived in Italy for some time, it appears to have been too little time to gain an Italian passport - which takes ten years of residence in most cases.

New questions surrounding Melania Trump's path to US citizenship have surfaced, with one attorney stating she received her green card in 2001 'based on marriage', four years before she wed Donald Trump.

A spokesperson for Trump shot down the shocking claims, telling Dailymail Online: 'Contrary to inaccurate reports today, Melania was not married prior to her marriage to Mr. She obtained a green card on her own.' New questions surrounding Melania Trump's path to US citizenship have surfaced, with immigration attorney Michael Wildes stating she obtained a green card in 2001 'based on marriage', four years before she wed Donald Trump Italian businessman Paolo Zampolli said his agency Metropolitan Models sponsored Melania in 1996 with an H-1B work visa, which typically allows people to stay in the US for three years at a time, the Washington Post reported.

Every once in a while, I like to go browse through some various blogs, forums and subreddits specializing in men’s dating advice to see what theories are being espoused.

It’s not terribly surprising (to me) to see that the idea of “being alpha” is continuing to be tossed around as the end-all/be-all of dating; it’s a part of the DNA of men’s dating advice – the complaints of Nice Guys lamenting the popularity of assholes, nerds complaining about jocks getting all the girls and of course, the obsession in PUA circles with status games and “shit tests” – that is, acting in such a manner as to “test” a man’s status by trying to make him supplicate or otherwise disqualify a man from being a potential sexual partner.The current standard narrative simplified is that sperm is metaphorically cheap while eggs are metaphorically expensive.According to this theory, it is therefore the natural order of things for men to spread their seed far and wide in hopes of impregnating as many women as possible.The problem with the worship of the alpha male starts with the current fad of explaining male and female sexual behaviors via evolutionary psychology and involves two disparite beliefs.The first belief is the modern narrative of sexual behavior in men and women.A set of nude photographs of Melania Trump were published by the New York Post at the weekend. Neither the paper or the photographer showed actual evidence of when the pictures were taken or when they were published. It may indicate that Melania was living and working in New York before she has said she was. But that time period clashes with her account of traveling to Slovenia every few months to stamp the papers.