In fact, Licciardi left out a crucial detail in describing his valorous efforts to check up on the cheerleader.He had actually delivered the woman to Sharper and had helped Sharper drug her, authorities charged in court documents."Licciardi treats women as if they are nothing or of no value," one former girlfriend told investigators, according to court testimony.

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Once inside the gleaming, curved hotel, they went to Sharper's room. When they exited, Sharper greeted them with two mixed drinks he described as vodka and cranberry juice. But the Miami Dade State Attorney's Office decided not to file charges.

The first time Sharper was accused of rape in Los Angeles, the officer taking that report didn't note a modus operandi. When the women woke up, one remembered that she had woken during the night to find Sharper naked on top of her.

When police later showed her the video, she identified herself and broke down in tears.

Over the course of the next several months, New Orleans police used the contents of Licciardi's phone, as well as testimony from eyewitnesses, to track down other victims.

He pleaded not guilty Friday in New Orleans to federal charges and is to be tried in October.

He also pleaded not guilty to state charges of aggravated battery and human trafficking.

Sharper sent Licciardi a text message: "We need an hour in here."In December 2014, the Orleans Parish District Attorney's office and federal prosecutors indicted Sharper, Licciardi and another alleged accomplice, Erik Nunez.

Sharper was charged with drugging women and then raping three of them. Licciardi was charged with rape, drugging and sex trafficking.

When the two realized they were headed to the same afterparty, Sharper and the women decided to share a ride. Both women went to a local hospital and received rape kit examinations, reports show. Over the next year, police and prosecutors finally started talking to one another. In Miami, a woman came forward after the news broke to report that Sharper had raped her in 2012.