Durban – The Selfie Gang Our Durban cuties are all about doing it for themselves – and by that, we mean taking their own photos.

We saw the highest concentration of selfie profile pics among these lads, and we’re unsure why…or what it means.

It may take a real heartthrob to get us to hang up our heels and go for a hike with him.

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“I guess it’s their typical New York way of showing their success without being brash about it.” Sydney – Sun’s Out, Guns Out My, what big arms you have…

Australian men are known to be some of the best looking in the world.

However, the mix of candidates wearing wife-beaters, donning tattooed sleeves and taking dodgy bathroom selfies may be proving that fact wrong. In San Francisco Talk about an American horror story!

Those who’ve tried Tinder in San Fran usually just stay on it for entertainment purposes, we’re told.

And while their sexy sports cars and boats are mighty impressive, it’s clear you’ve only really made it in oil country if you have a falcon on your arm.

Berlin – An Active Bunch German men seem to take Tinderas seriously as they do their work and take a lot of time and effort in choosing the perfect profile pic.

They may figure they'll shave a few (or more) years off their age to make themselves seem more attractive to grab a person's attention,' she said.

What with writing the perfect bio, choosing a winning pic, and crafting that all important first line, navigating the digital dating game is tricky. According to a new study from , the books on our bedside table could be affecting our success with potential partners.

Online dating can be a cruel, cruel world: so cruel, in fact, that a whole new (and really quite depressing) vocabulary has sprung up around it, from 'catfishing' to 'ghosting,' 'benching' and even 'zombieing.' Now, it seems that those of us looking for love have another unfortunate trend to contend with online: 'kittenfishing.' As anyone who has accidentally binge-watched their way through several seasons of the popular MTV show will already be aware, the term 'catfishing' refers to pretending to be someone completely different online, in order to attract attention from a potential match or date.

' Kittenfishing,' according to dating app Hinge, is 'catfishing lite': a less extreme way of misrepresenting yourself online by adjusting smaller details about yourself to make them seem more attractive.

The dating site analysed what books generated most interest with users, and the results are pretty enlightening.