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When Blaine accuses him of cheating Kurt faces a choice: breaking, bending or standing up for himself. Now featuring "Dance Me to the End of Love", a series of follow-up oneshots, and "Dancing in the Dark", the "real" sequel.

Antony 'Tony' Stark is the arrogant cousin of Ned who made his fortune crafting weapons for the lords of Westeros.

I know I believe I desire to believe I wonder I doubt I don't believe"Found in"Something wonderful happens when we really know, without a doubt, that God loves us—our questions completely change. Just remember that He is with you, and when a temptation comes, imagine Him being right by your side, and you'll immediately feel added strength and power."Found in "One thing is certain: You need never be embarassed about your beliefs. Alma and Amulek must have relied on the Atonement of Christ to get them through the sadness, the nightmares, and the emotional trauma of the tragedy in Ammonihah.

We must rely on the Atonement to help us through our personal tragedies as well."Found in When Times Are Tough: 5 Scriptures That Will Help You Get Through Almost Anything It's spiritual gut-check time!

For many years, John has enjoyed teaching at youth conferences, Education Week, and Especially for Youth.

He particularly enjoys finding ways to teach the more challenging topics of the gospel to young people.

In other words, faith cannot be separated from faithfulness."Found in When Times Are Tough: 5 Scriptures That Will Help You Get Through Almost Anything"So what do we do? All you can do, is all you can do."Found in"A testimony is more like a dimmer switch that makes possible an almost infinite number of settings between total light and total darkness. "Found in"Charity is three-dimensional: it encompasses love for Christ, love from Christ, and love like Christ. A place where we would feel comfortable and relaxed. "Found in "The words 'sin' or 'sins' do not appear anywhere in those two verses [Alma -12]. L." the truthfulness of the gospel through our feelings, our experiences, the many evidences we encounter, and our logical conclusions about how a loving God interacts with His children on the earth.

Just as there are levels of light, there are levels of testimony as well. In other words, to experience the pure love of Christ means to feel Christ's love for you, to love Christ purely yourself, and to love others purely as Christ loves them."Found in "You don't have to face temptation alone, and you never have. But notice the other words—things in addition to sins that Jesus took upon him: pains, afflictions, temptations, sicknesses, and infirmities. Like gradually turning up a dimmer switch, understanding all the ways we F.

Popular LDS author and speaker John Bytheway is known for his gospel insights.

These 11 treasured quotes on the nature of gospel teachings could change your life."When the winds of adversity come, remember one thing--kites fly the very highest against the wind.

John Bytheway (born October 1962) is an American author and academic, who is well known as a comic motivational speaker for youth within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.