However, be sure to keep the relationships with your own group of friends intact.

Bad Habits Whether you are a smoker, or constantly the sloppy drunk at the bar, it’s clear your vices could be a deal breaker for a potential mate.

Sure, the party was great but while you were getting inebriated he was busy being embarrassed or talking to someone who wasn’t slurring her words.

This doesn't necessarily mean you're cooking and cleaning for him, but it can.

More broadly it denotes the attitude he responds with when you politely ask him to stop playing video games or watching horrible You Tube videos.

Besides the obvious vices, some men say bad habits like poor hygiene or being very messy are also a turn off.

Just think, would you want to date someone with bad breath or a dirty bathroom?He's supposed to think you're the greatest person in the world. Or they were shot out of a cannon at a rave, or they were handed down from his ex-girlfriend's dad.This person, on the other hand, thinks you're a "stupid bitch". This isn't an absolute deal-breaker, but it's a tell-tale sign that he's a man-child, which might point you to some other flaws which are constitutively a deal breaker. If he doesn't understand the give-and-take in a relationship, he's either a selfish dude or a misogynist who thinks that men should be entitled to privileged behaviour in a relationship. Separately, these things are manageable and probably fixable. If he's peeing on your toilet seat after refusing to flip it up, or picking his toenails/nose in your bed and blatantly flicking them into your comforter, think about moving on. And whether or not he admits it to you or himself, he'll be comparing you to what he's seen.In which case, you should get out of there and do the same.If they never consider your point of view seriously or try to come to compromises after an argument or discussion, then they likely don't value your opinion.As if heterosexual male text message exchanges are something to be hidden.