You can purchase element proof potions or elemental converters!The Hall of Abyss patch also comes with these armors..The two of them keep their love a secret, only holding hands and being affectionate to one another when no one else is around.

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Shown below are the locations of every representative.

Valkyrie Greenwood Lake Britoniah Luina Once your guild has occupied a castle, speak with the Cat Paw Merchant Guild representative. If your guild does not occupy a castle but is allied with that does, you can select that guild so you can contribute to their effort to access the Hall of Abyss. You can invest using zenny or thru certificates awarded by completing missions in Malangdo. If you would like to make a contribution other than the ones that can be selected, input another amount.

The Hall of Abyss is the latest patch to be implemented in p RO’s Sakray Server and will hit the official servers shortly.

This article assumes that you are the leader of a guild in p RO or know how to create one in case you will try the feature in Sakray server.

One day, while the two of them were walking around the castle grounds, they encounter Titania's father the king talking to a well-dressed young man.

The young man turns out to be a visiting prince who had traveled there to seek Titania's hand in marriage.IGNs Haemon Martyrdom and Archer Prototype for helping me explore Ho A.Bean of whom I racked brains with trying to figure out the Ho A mechanics.Preparation: Bring a Token of Siegfried in case you die in the middle of running the instance.Also be prepared to fight a Ghost 3 element monster (Flaming Skull in Floor 2) at the King NPC before you exit the instance.The investment tickets can be exchanged for cool items in Malangdo.