Wikipedia provides a detailed collection of articles surrounding the various eras of clothing fashion.

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If you are in search of further help, the antique automobile club of america can provide you with lost of old car photos and a forum which can be quiet useful.

In earlier times such as before 20 century, the photographs were not a matter of candid pictures or ‘selfies’, rather they were a formal affair and needed a proper setup for the same.

Learning to date old photos can be fun time to time but also a complex procedure when there are minimal or no evidence to support the date and related details and in order to organize your genealogical records; the task has to be undertaken.

The missing dates could be marked as ‘x’ but that could result in too many of them with the similar label which could get pretty confusing later.

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Please Include Family Names and Country in Titles of Photographs if known, or how the image relates to your family history.

Studying the costumes of these photographs of the ancestors could help in understanding the time and era of the picture taken, add the hairstyles and other accessories to it so to make it not only a knowledgeable but also an interesting experience to get involved in the lives of ancestors.

When considering photos of a woman, look for the presence and size of a bustle and also the fullness of the skirt.

In relation to men, look at vests, neckties, the fit of a jacket (loose or fitted) and how it is buttoned.