Remember, a camera placed in a room will record EVERYTHING, not just instances of abuse.

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Clearly, states are struggling to protect a vulnerable and growing group of residents from abuse.

Technologies such as hidden cameras may help to address the problem, but their use raises privacy, security, compliance, and other concerns.

Select Care Home Health Care Services of NY believes every client deserves responsible, fully transparent care that puts their safety first and accomplish this through stringent hiring requirements, constant communication with our caregivers and continued education through our in-service programs.

Unfortunately, not all eldercare services and facilities live up to this standard, and the prevalence of elder abuse by caregivers is a deeply troubling trend.

For example, the “Charge Cam” (pictured above) is designed to look like and actually function as a plug used to charge smartphone devices.

Once plugged in, it is able to record eight hours of video and sound.

Simply put, a Granny Cam is a discreet camera, usually hidden in some household object that can record long stretches of footage to an online server or an on-board memory card.

Newer models include motion sensors and low-light lenses to improve coverage, as well as audio recording options.

In Minnesota, 97% of the 25,226 allegations of elder abuse (neglect, physical abuse, unexplained serious injuries and thefts) in state-licensed senior facilities in 2016 were never investigated.

This prompted Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, to announce plans last week to form a task force to find out why. A studypublished in 2011 found that an estimated 260,000 (1 in 13) older adults in New York had been victims of one form of abuse or another during a 12-month period between 20, with “a dramatic gap” between elder abuse events reported and the number of cases referred to formal elder abuse services.

While these devices cannot stop abuse on their own, they are a great way to provide an objective view into your love one’s living situation, and can provide irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing if abuse is in fact taking place.