For the tour, the production should be like this,'" Sheremet continued. I’m sure for her, all she wanted to do was have dinner. There wasn’t a decision that got made that didn’t have my thumbprint or stamp of approval." While both parties were at fault, Sheremet said it was "the business" that destroyed their marriage.

"I wasn’t the person she came home to and unloaded on," he explained.

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"And, then, of course, I was thinking, I haven’t done what I’ve wanted to do in over eight years.

I came to the realization that my name was never going to be on the marquee. Everything went through me." VIDEO: See footage of Le Ann and Eddie's affair in a restaurant Sheremet said he suspected nothing was going on between his then-wife and Cibrian when he first visited the set. I just remember being like, ' Oh, God, just another one of those Hollywood pretty boys,'" he recalled.

In March 2011, Cibrian was cast as the lead in the NBC pilot for The Playboy Club, a TV series set at the first Playboy Club in Chicago in 1963.

The couple separated in July 2009 when it was revealed Eddie had an affair with country music star Le Ann Rimes. The circumstances surrounding the affair and divorce were a part of Brandi's New York Times bestseller book "Drinking and Tweeting".

Both parties made the truce official on social media, and Brandi even wished Le Ann a happy wedding anniversary, which couldn't have been easy, what with Le Ann being married to Brandi's ex-husband and all.

Anyway, it looks like those days are officially done. Maybe she's pissed off about reports that Brandi is dating Dean Sheremet, who happens to be Le Ann's first husband.

Dean Sheremet gave a recent tell-all interview about his ex-wife Le Ann Rimes' infamous 2009 cheating scandal with Eddie Cibrian, describing the entire ordeal as a "f—ing disaster" to former Us Weekly staffer Natalie Thomas on her lifestyle blog, costar. I thought it would be better for me to take all of my creative energy and ideas and put it into her," Sheremet told the lifestyle blog.

"You know, it’s easy when you’re head over heels, especially so young, to fall completely in love and give yourself so freely," he reflected of his marriage. "This is childish and I recognize that now but I never thought I got the credit I deserved for the work I did. I have my own dreams and goals and I felt like there wasn’t room for me." Sheremet said that these "animosities" built up as he felt like his needs weren't being met. "And I was so intertwined in managing her career that I didn’t know how to make the distinction between husband and boss, husband and partner, husband and manager…

"It would have been unfair for where she was in her career for me to ask her to pump the breaks.