While I know that some felt like this movie cheapened Pride and Prejudice by making it more mainstream, it seems that everyone from director Joe Wright to the many actors cared deeply about making this iteration as perfect as possible.While it can't quite top the BBC version, all that work and care certainly paid off.Keira Knightley currently stars in "Anna Karenina," her third collaboration with director Joe Wright.

Or maybe he's let himself go a bit and got stuck into his grub after months of working out and being in peak condition - as well as enduring weeks of very physical stunts while filming the movie - like Gladiator star Russell Crowe.

Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz also stars as Musketeer nemesis Cardinal Richelieu and a buxom Milla Jovovich as his partner in crime, the evil M'lady De Winter.

Orlando Bloom meanwhile plays the evil British Duke of Buckingham.

According to the Internet Movie Database, the synopsis is thus: 'The hot-headed young D'Artagnan along with three former legendary but now down on their luck Musketeers must unite and defeat a beautiful double agent and her villainous employer from seizing the French throne and engulfing Europe in war.' Keeley meanwhile is taking a bit of time off to spend with her family after recent stints on the West End and in the BBC1 remake of Upstairs Downstairs last year.

He famously wooed wife Keeley Hawes on the set of Spooks - but Matthew Macfadyen seems even more of a man nowadays if these pictures are anything to go by.

Heartthrob Matthew, 36, certainly appeared to have piled on the pounds as he and his wife walked around a family fete with their two children near their home in west London at the weekend.

For some reason, we were always partnered up, and we would piss ourselves laughing.

And we thought that should be a part of their relationship in the movie as well.

As for Keira & Matthew, here are what they said about working together again when they were asked at the Anna Karenina London and TIFF 2012 premieres as well as some press junket interviews...

Keira Knightley: We just giggled, really, didn’t we? Keira Knightley: I think it was because we were trying to learn to dance and initially it was just us together.

In addition to this problem that ended up not being a real problem, a lot of things happened behind the scenes of Pride and Prejudice that I had no idea about.