Check out a full timeline of the men Rihanna's been linked to. These two were reportedly spotted making out earlier this week and people want some answers! Elite Daily reached out to Rihanna's team for comment on these relationship rumors, but did not hear back in time of publication.

These two had romance rumors swirling around them for years.

He's delightfully weird in that way pro sports rarely accommodates anymore. But how's one of the NBA's freest spirits (and most notorious partyers) getting along since being shipped out to the Midwest? And as we walk, what should suddenly appear before us but two deer—a mother and a fawn—nibbling cold November lawn grass. Since a kid at Harvard published an impressive study that surmised—by dint of an exhaustive comparison of all NBA players' performances on Sundays versus the rest of the week—that you were the biggest partyer currently in the league. There's going to be nowhere to party.”Future—“Real Sisters”—was on his car stereo. Jody and Heather Herzog, who own three Fleet Feet shoe franchises! Stacy and Jon Stoller, who do something and live somewhere!

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But as it is, he is a guy who comes off the bench for a very good basketball team to provide “spark.” Who averaged about 11 points per game for the Cavs last year.

I mean maybe Steph Curry is more beautiful, fine, if you want to argue that. This is the man who said that he would name his autobiography What I mean is, if you got points for difficulty, for audacity (and for being suspended by the league for punching Boston Celtics [who totally deserved it] in the playoffs), then J. Smith would atomize the competition and be an All-Star every year. Smith is a beautiful basketball player who sometimes, but inevitably, breaks your heart.

helps himself to some tasty newfangled mashed-potato thing, some delicious flank steak carved up right there by Rob Fellinger, some kind of broccoli that had been murdered in a pot and displayed gruesomely before us like the limp quarry of a house cat. Let's get back to the hairstyles of the Cleveland Cavaliers for a minute. And at another point in the evening I will succeed in breaking J. You're waiting for this perfect relationship with no problems. “Once you're on a team like this, you're just so locked in.

If you're having a dinner party with fortysomethings at your house in a mild suburb of any city, you really ought to think about inviting 30-year-old basketball star J. On his way out, he promises to join Megan for a foursome at the Mayfield Sand Ridge country club. He had an epiphany over the summer, and he immediately broke up with the woman he'd been dating, got engaged to the mother of one of his daughters, and has been living with the two of them since August, as a family.“I couldn't just keep jumping onto another ship without knowing the direction it's going,” J. But they're so ugly on the inside.”people generally understand about marriage until they're 30. It's paper like how you used to wrap your books from school.” it is.

JR Smith decided to call them out by posting pictures on his account.

He first posted this picture with the caption “Lmfao had too” showing tons of “Miami Heat fans” heading on a train to Cleveland.

When Le Bron James decided to take his talents back to Cleveland, it was no secret that he’s taking a big chunk of Miami Heat “fans” with him.

Many people have been criticized for not really being Heat fans but actually fans of James who will go wherever he goes.

Then he says, “Wait, when you're playing do you ever pass it?

says yeah of course he'll help the kid with his jump shot.

Usually it's the guys who want to get better so they can get more playing time who are always in the gym. It's that Cleveland loves its sports stars like no city that has lots of other things to love could.