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When we realize our value and our true identity, when we acknowledge who we are with and without God, we begin to understand WHO we actually are — God’s beloved who deserves nothing but the best from his/her Father. We love staying at our family rest house (we call it Farmville) and soaking in the beaches and cold spring whenever we’re there.

The travel usually takes an hour and a half to two hours on the road.

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The line is quite clear: you date because you “see” your potential lifetime partner in that person and not because you “think” that person could be your lifetime partner with the thought of dismissing him or her just in case it doesn’t work.

These 3 key points may help you reassess your viewpoint on dating: 1. I have always been “one-of-the-boys” even though you see me as someone kikay at times.

And all I could say was, “poor girls.” Dating is more than just the “feelings” involved or the “high” of meeting and getting to know the other person.

Dating involves investments: you invest your effort, your time and your money.

On me – a powerless, minuscule creature in this world?

How can I be in love with someone who runs to me whenever faced with life’s struggles? I needed someone who was more in love with God than He is with me.

Much like most young adults treat dating (myself not exempted), we consider it as our final destination like the stop-over at the gas station.