The hippocampus is a brain structure thought to be crucially involved in the formation of memory for facts and events.

I think my dream was a back-to-front memory of being born and being in the womb.

I had a memory for a long time of being held high in a room, hearing a rush of noise while peering though a hand over my face - I figured this to be my birth by Caesarian almost 2 months premature.

I don't remember being born, but do remember rooms and corners of where I lived before the age of one. A friend of mine lived in Germany until the age of 8 and doesn't remember anything whatsoever of it, but then she can organise her life much better than me.

I also remeember, aged 18 months, meeting my newborn brother from hospital in the back of a dark car in the rain. My son, aged two and a half to three, would often talk of the time before he was born saying how he and his friend Joe had fought together in the wars.

She held onto her ears with a look of great alarm, and tried to hold her breath.

I am convinced she had a memory of birth at that moment.I can't remember being born, but I can clearly remember, both visually and aurally, things from being about 2 months old.I can even 'smell' the lining of my pram, and I could take you round a house we left when I was 3 months old and to which I have never returned.I call it her memory #1 and memory #2, I think those early years are so full of stuggles of growing and dependence we want to forget it. After reading some of these answers, I asked my son Alfie aged 3 if he could remember being inside mummy's tummy. He said 'soft' and 'dark' and then when asked what it looked like he said 'shiny' (odd answer? I asked him if he could remember coming out and he said 'yes, it hurt me.' Can't wait until my little girl has the vocabulary to tell me what she thought! If we have the ability to put something into words then we have the ability to store it and recall it.Isn't it likely that memory starts when language (that is understanding basic language, not necessarily speaking) is learned, making recollection of birth unlikely?At the time I had no idea where babies came from, nor that they were curled up exactly as I saw myself.