While Gentoo comes with extensive documentation covering most aspects of using Portage, the techniques described in Gentoo's handbook and other documentation are not always the most effective ones.

Here are some insider tips that can greatly increase your productivity.

updating portage cache-87

All the tools mentioned in this section can be used for any compilation tasks.

See the appropriate documentation for Distcc, ccache, and confcache (coming later).

That's why we've seen the emergence of third-party search front ends for Portage, such as esearch and eix.

Their common idea is to use their own search indexes to speed up searches.

This reduces installation time, especially if you emerge many packages.

Faster package compilation Every time you install or update some software under Gentoo, you need to wait until its source is compiled.Search faster Before you install a package, you usually look for it via Portage's search capabilities.Portage's emerge utility has options, but using them is not enjoyable, because they take a long time to run.Ccache makes it possible to speed up compilation of the same code by caching compilation results.Confcache is a similar tool for caching results of test configuration scripts ().Sometimes, the server generating the deltas is overloaded, and you must wait for a long time for it to generate your delta.