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In fact, all that is needed to integrate location based information into an i OS 5 i Phone application is an understanding of how to use the Core Location Framework.

In i OS, you can find the current coordinates by making a request to the Core Location component to start looking up location information.

We receive these messages both when we have better accuracy for a current location, or the device has moved.

These messages can also come in quickly one after the other, or as a trickle.

In the second part, we’ll implement the Map Kit framework, which is even more interesting.

three times the current location is used for further processing.

This works via a series of delegate messages passed to our application when Core Location starts updating.

By default, the location hardware in our device is usually turned off (or otherwise in an idle state) so as not to needlessly drain power.

: If location updates are required when the application is in the background state it is strongly recommended that the desired accuracy setting be reduced within the application Did Enter Background method by making a call to the start Monitoring Significant Location Changes method of the location manager object.

This will ensure that the application is only notified of significant changes to the location of the device thereby reducing the load on the battery. Implementing Core Location is an easy thing to implement and can add an interesting new dimension to your i OS apps.

All this depends on the developer, how he wants to handle it.